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Kingdom shell is a pixel art metroidvania. It's a cold fairytale of injusice, betrayal and retribution.
Help half-demon Elias stop the threat looming over the Kingdom and atone for his sins.

The shell that protected the Kingdom was broken. Sovereigns succumbed to the temptation of filth, poured from the nightmare realm and lead the Kingdom to decline. Nightmare creauteres terrorize the civilians.

The Brotherhood, which has stood guard the Kingdom for centuries, does not cope with the threat. They are compelled to ask for help from the criminal. Elias the half-blood, in whose veins the blood of the demon flows, may be the only hope of the Kingdom.Kingdom shell is a game I'm working on alone. My goal is to make a metroidvania with an interesting story.

When creating the game, I was inspired by the games Rygar and Castlevania on NES and Momodora on PC, but my game will be independent.

The game features:

  • Original fantasy story
  • Late 80's style graphics
  • Metroidvania elements: various secondary weapons, equipable items, power ups
  • Secret places

Install instructions

Download and setup Kingdom_Shell_demo_v001.exe

Controllers are supported.


Kingdom_Shell_demo_v003.exe 61 MB
Kingdom_Shell_demo_v002.exe 58 MB

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Pretty good, looking forward to the full release.

Thanks a lot!

Hey Friend. I just discovered this demo, and I gotta say it's some pretty impressive work. I'm also curious to see how the development cycle is going for you in the face of all this, and if there may be a DRM free version of the game available in the future (like say on GOG or here on itch) Of course I'd be happy to give this title some support when it releases, but I'd just like to be informed on what my options may be. Again, I hope you're doing well in the face of these tough times, and I've definitely got this title on my radar. 

Hey! I love the 80's graphics and had a great time playing the game! keep it up ! 

Have you considered participating in our Game Developers World Championship ?  The competition is totally free and with winning prizes ! Our mission is to support and reward the Indie game developer community.

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Hey! Thanks for the invitation. I will surely participate in the competition.

Good luck then! :) 


You're familiar with Rygar and Metroid ^_^
Still makes me wish we called these types of games Rytroids or Metgars instead of 'Metroidvanias'.  I remember when people were thinking of the name and they also thought of 'Castleroid' but it sounded weird.

I'm still a fan of Rytroids ;)


Yes, you're right)) There is more open world in Rygar than in first Castlevania. There even RPG elements in Rygar.

Oh, I loved this game. I completed it so many times in my childhood) And this music in the Sky castle(final location), it was so scary)

Here you go:

My dream is to make a spiritual homage to Rygar since most of the stuff is Greco-Roman mythology and hence public domain ;)

I downloaded and tested the demo, I was waiting for a long time, I love the graphical section and the story goes well, the number of enemies is great there are many different enemies, I hate snakes are very fast, what I did not like anything is the attack since I think it is very slow, there should be a knockback with the enemies because they are thrown at you and you can not do anything, there could be a way to dodge (like rolling or doing a dash), the interface of the life could be bigger, just as it is difficult to see. this is my opinion after trying the game I hope you serve to improve, greetings.
I will be attentive to the next updates

Hey! Thank you for fedback.

Now I am engaged in improving the attacking movements. Next I'll add the dodge movement.

Played the demo and  for the most part things were okey, that region after the health bonus pickup though got to me. Playing with the D-pad is frustrating. :)


Thank you for the review. I've understood my mistakes and now I'm remaking attack movement. Next I'll make control with analog sticks(ahahaha, that was funny moments in room with health bonus)) And, ofcourse, I'll reduce the game difficulty.

Great start! The art, animations and enemy variety are fantastic to start out with! I had some issues with the feel of the controls though. Some of the platforming is extremely tight and doesn't feel great with digital input, as opposed to analogue, and the sight delay on the default attack led me to get hit when it really felt like I shouldn't have. Paired with a limited healing system and some long walks back from checkpoints it managed to dis-incentivize the combat and platforming pretty quickly. Despite my criticisms, I think this is gonna be a good one, keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for your feedback especially for the video review. Thanks for healthy criticism! This opens eyes to problems especially when you makes game alone and there is no way to hear another opinion. I'll polish the movements and, most likely, add a dodge, add some more hints abount control.